Proof of Design/BUILD Benefits

An objective study of 351 building projects sponsored and developed by the Construction Industry Institute and Penn State University has quantified specific Design-BUILD benefits. The findings of that study concluded that, as compared to bid projects, Design-BUILD: 

  • Unit costs dropped at least 6.1 percent
  • Construction speed increased by at least 12 percent
  • Overall project delivery speed increased to at least 33.5 percent faster
  • Cost growth dropped at least 5.2 percent
  • Schedule growth dropped at least 11.4 percent
  • Overall quality of the final project was equal to or better than traditional methods

Pitfalls of the Traditional Bid Process

In the traditional method an owner contacts an architect to design the project, which would be priced by contractors who have no input. After pricing, the contractors try to have the lowest bid, which can be more than the owner’s budget. This leads to the owner paying the architect again for a redesign in hope of finding a price within their budget.

Design/BUILD – A Simple Process with Quality Service, Saving Time and Money

With Design/BUILD...

  • the client knows how much will need to be invested.
  • a guaranteed maximum price, within budget, is established early in the process.
  • there are no change orders for the client after construction begins unless the original scope of work is changed or concealed conditions are discovered.
  • the project is people and relationship driven versus document driven.
  • the team works together to have common objectives and goals .
  • chances for misunderstandings are reduced, legal fees are minimized.
  • construction documents usually take less time to prepare .
  • quality is maximized because subcontractors are pre-qualified.
  • time can be saved because construction can begin as the design is being completed. 
  • realistic completion dates are established by the contractor doing the work.