If our construction management (CM) services are not the right fit, Allegheny offers other project delivery systems to suit your needs. Design/Build (DB) is an alternative which combines the two main phases of construction: designing the project to fit your needs, and building it as per plan. Allegheny’s team has decades of experience both in the field and in the office. This combined knowledge enables a proactive approach to designing projects which are not only fully constructible, but which surpass our client’s needs and expectations. The integration of the design and construction processes leads to increased constructability, decreased time between phases, and increased overall quality. A realistic construction timeline is set from the very beginning, with the added bonus of enabling construction to begin while design is still underway- something which is impossible under traditional project delivery methods!

Without the separation of design and construction entities there is more communication between parties. This leads to fewer contract changes and misunderstandings, helping to deliver the project on time and within the original budget. The design portion of the contract has the benefit of immediate oversight from our skilled construction team; while the construction team is able to seamlessly communicate with our designers to quickly and effectively determine a solution to problems which arise in the field.

Design/Build holds the most benefit for our client by enabling us to combine our skills to execute the project in the most efficient way possible.

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Newly-constructed branch banking facility with multi-lane drive thru. Allegheny Construction Groups credentials, experience, expertise and team delivered a successful …

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Thomas Boulevard Book Depository, University of Pittsburgh

The new facility will hold 3.4 million books.5,640 lineal feet of static shelving, units are 30 feet high.

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