Cost Sports Center,
University of Pittsburgh

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Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: University of Pittsburgh
Architect: CDM Smith

Description: General Contractor for the newly renovated track team, baseball, softball and soccer teams during inclement weather. Allegheny Construction Groups self-performed work included demolition of the old ceiling insulation, and field turf. Concrete slab on grab, footing and bollards for the new HVAC equipment, wall insulation and high strength Gymguard for high impact protection and floor preparation for the new field turf and Mondo rubber track.Reached substantial completion weeks earlier than our contract completion date.

Renovation of the 67,000sq feet building includes:

  • New paint on interior of sports center, includes ceiling, structural beams, doors and duct work
  • All new field turf which made up 90% footprint
  • Installed new indoor Mondo rubber track
  • Multiple electrical data upgrades
  • Insulation and Gymguard on all walls
  • Repaint interior hallway from sports center to OC lot
  • Installation of new store front
  • Supplied and installed new field equipment, including new runway and sand pit for long jump
  • New throwing circles for field events
  • First field turf project that has removable panels to cover or expose various lanes of the indoor track
  • Removable panels at the high jump